The Chartered Institute of Risk and Security Management (CIRSM) is an elite institution that nurtures Chartered Risk and Security Professionals across the globe. CIRSM is the trade name for forensic, proficient and distinct Risk and Security Management experts known as Chartered Risk and Security Managers. It is a tough and demanding course, in keeping with intense demands made on the Chartered Risk and Security Managers in his or her chosen specialised field, whether it is Risk Management and/or Security Management.

Embarking on a career as a Chartered Risk and Security Manager involves an infinite career relationship between the institute and its students, who progresses to become members of CIRSM. The final course of study is the Graduate Membership (GradCIRSM). It is dependent on the member being in good standing with the CIRSM Charter, code of conduct and general professional norms in the work environment as well as social ground.

GradCIRSM is an interim membership category of the Chartered Institute of Risk and Security Management and a membership fee is payable until the required work experience has been accumulated to enable the Graduate to apply for an upgrade to Associate Membership (ACIRSM). An Associate or a Fellow member is a Chartered Risk and Security Practitioner per excellence. Further experience at higher organisational levels enables the Associate member to apply to achieve the ultimate and most esteemed level of membership of the institute- the Fellow (FCIRSM).

Membership is not automatic and is conferred on the basis of academic accomplishment and work experience, as well as proven personal and professional integrity.

In order to practice in one's own business as a designated Risk and Security Practitioner, all Chartered Risk and Security Practitioners in good standing are required to apply and renew their practicing certificate annually.
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