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No exemption will be granted for the final 6 modules of the CIRSM Examination Board

Exemptions are not given for any subject for which previously entered and failed, even though you may have written an equivalent examination in the subject and passed that equivalent examination with another examining body such as UNISA or UZ, BUSE or All.

However, exemption from the CIRSM programmes to gain entry to the Board of examinations with an alternative qualification, such as a Bachelor's Degree of Law or Risk and Security Management may be awarded. (Please refer to the Exemptions Policy on the Institute website). If you wrote and passed a subject more than 10 years ago (eg Law subjects, Automation, Security and Risk Management), you will have to provide additional evidence to prove that your knowledge is up to date.

For purposes of exemption, the following requirements must be met.

Supporting Documents

A completed application form must be submitted accompanied by relevant evidence.

A portfolio of evidence includes a minimum of:

  1. CERTIFIED COPIES of any academic qualifications, skills programmes or any other formal recognized competency.
  2. A three-page maximum summarized Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  3. A one-page letter from the current or past employer to substantiate their work outputs, functions, responsibilities and job description.
  4. Proof of previously earned credits, where applicable.
  5. Proof of payment.
  6. Copy of ID or any other identification document.

All foreign qualifications MUST include the local countries examinations regulation authority letters.

Exemption fee

The exemption fee is $30.00 per module to a maximum of $120 per application.

The administration fee of $50.00 is required to proceed with the exemption application and is NOR REFUNDABLE. This administration fee is credited against the final fee due for the total of the exemptions granted.

Candidates must submit exemption applications to the Institute's Head Office. Exemption applications should be made at least 20 working days before the cut-off date for registration and enrolment to allow time for processing.

NB: Exemptions are only valid for ONE year from the date of acceptance by the Institute. Students MUST register for their examinations within one year of their exemptions having been processed, or else these exemptions will expire and a new application will need to be made and paid for.

Furthermore, no exemption information, confirmation, policies, etc will be provided telephonically. Exemptions will only be valid if confirmed in writing by the Institute. Exemptions can only be granted for "current competence". If you wrote and passed a subject more than 10 years ago, you will have to provide additional evidence to prove that your knowledge is up to date.

NOTE: Candidates cannot register for any subject before an exemption application has been processed as they will be liable for any fees in this regard.

* The Institution's Exemption Policy stipulates that a student can only be exempted a maximum of three subjects per level (applicable to Level 1 and 2 only).

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Examinations are written in May and October each year.

Students must check the time table before registering for any modules. It is the student's responsibility that their subject registrations do not clash and are correctly registered.It is the student's responsibility to know where the venue is and the dates on which they are writing.

A student should also check that there have been no changes to the venues. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all their contact details are current and correct, in the event of unforeseen and unavoidable changes impacting on their examination and venues.
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