• Prospects

    Qualified and experienced Chartered Risk And Security Managers are in very short supply. They are in demand for their range of skills, knowledge, experience, values, integrity, professional discipline and the willingness to maintain knowledge currency through professional development.

    Chartered Risk And Security Managers command excellent salaries. The key to the apex of the corporate ladder is appropriate work experience, maintenance of personal integrity and meaningful contribution to the risk and security field.

    Membership is vital as it provides the proof of personal good standing that the modern employer demands. A portfolio of work evidence supported by a record of unbroken membership, provides a job applicant with the edge that is needed in any competitive environment. Membership provides a record of accountability, which is priceless if they are working in the modern corporate governance environment. No other academic qualification can perform the same accountability function as a professional relationship with an international, prestigious and professional body such as the Chartered Institute of Risk and Security Management.

    Career Opportunities

    Private Sector Public Sector
    Market and Risk Analyst in private companies. Risk Analyst in reaction to major public investment and projects.
    CSR Consultant. Event Risk Manager
    Security Manager. Emergency planning(in both private and public companies).
    Stakeholder Management Consultant
    Advisor in an investment company.
    Risk Analyst in consultancies.
    Intelligence and monitoring of political risk.
    Crisis Management employee.
    Strategic Consultant.
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